Champlain College: YAL Support Drive


Hello from the Champlain College YAL chapter in Burlington, VT!

Our recruitment drive went well, although I would have liked to see a larger number of students show interest. Even still, we got seven new sign-ups on our list and we have meetings now every Sunday evening. A few of my first and more involved members and I tabled at the recent student activities fair, thinking this was a good way to catch more people passing through, and catch more of those students looking to get involved with extracurricular activities on campus.

Champlain College is a fairly small school, and only a handful of the students are politically inclined one way or the other. We plan to do a politically homeless event soon to hopefully change that. Overall, I am happy with the sport we have gotten so far, we just need to keep at it and keep spreading the word about the chapter!


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