Chaos Theory


Ever since middle school when I picked up a skateboard and turned up some punk rock, I have been highly intrigued and highly skeptical of the anarchist system. Indeed, a broad and idealist mindset, I believe much can be taken from the studying of the subject—whether you admire it or abhor it. And in order to do that, we must reject the notion of how “The Dark Knight” and “SLC Punk” portray anarchy to be about: chaos, lawlessness, destruction etc.  Intellectual anarchy is rather about harmony, peace and cooperation.

If we study Robert Murphy’s market anarchy or Murray Rothbard’s anarcho-capitalism (I have purposefully excluded collectivist anarchy) we find that of all the inescapable horrors in this world; they are more often created or compounded by the institution of government rather than eliminated or fixed.

Ronald Reagan once said that at the heart of conservatism was libertarianism. And if at the heart of libertarianism is anarchy, we come to a common belief in the sovereignty of the individual: personal liberty and prosperity.

This Christmas break has given me time to do quite a bit of reading. I just finished Robert Murphy’s Chaos Theory: Two Essays on Market Anarchy. Every time I was about to call Mr. Murphy an idealist idiot, his brilliance and simple clarity had me hold my tongue.  His book hasn’t sold me on anarchy, yet, but it absolutely confirms the case for a market free of government intervention.

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