Chapter Building Strategy 7: Internal Communication

Internal communication is communication among individuals within your YAL chapter, specifically between individuals in the leadership.  The two most common forms of internal communication in a student organization are email and cell phones.

Email:  Using a Gmail account will easily facilitate written forms of communication that can be documented and available for the rest of the leadership to see. For this reason, all of the leadership should have access to the email account so that a record of communications is visible. Remember to have individuals sign the email with their own names when authoring a message. Officers should be responsible for checking the email account multiple times per week (preferably at least once per day), answering emails promptly, and updating the documents, calendars, and other tasks. Although all of the leadership should stay aware of what comes into the account, this should primarily be the responsibility of the chapter president and secretary.

Cell Phones: Your dedicated core group of members should be contacted and reminded of events and meetings via their phones, either through direct phone conversation or text messaging—people always read text messages!  Keep a list of everyone’s cell numbers in a document that is shared with all of the officers.  This comes in handy when you are organizing an event and need to get a hold of somebody.   You should also call people the day before an event to remind them to come.

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