Chapter-Building Strategy: Effective Recruitment Strategy (Part 1/2)

Expand the Liberty Movement

You can make a significant impact on the liberty movement by recruiting new students to our philosophy on your campus.  Colleges and universities provide a fertile ground to find the next generation of pro-liberty activists and advocates.

To ensure a strong, effective chapter, as well as to ensure a sustained presence on campus, you must constantly recruit — in other words, expand the liberty movement.

As a leader within your chapter, you must always think ahead about your chapter’s growth, especially near the beginning of the fall semester when large numbers of incoming freshmen search for opportunities to get involved on campus and meet other students.  Even beyond the beginning of the school year, constantly improve your group’s creative capacity to recruit.

Remember these three questions:

  • How can you leverage each activism event, each speaking engagement, and every interaction with the student body to expand your membership (and the liberty movement)?
  • What approaches — including your rhetoric and accompanying visuals — will appeal to the most people, especially those who have never heard a complete and comprehensive philosophy of liberty?
  • How will you retain your potential new members once you engage them or convince them to attend a meeting?

Above all, remember that you won’t recruit anyone when you host private meetings to discuss fascinating aspects of our philosophy and complain about the government’s latest abuse.  There’s a time and place for those discussions.

Effective recruitment requires you to increase your visibility on campus.  So get out there on your campus, and don’t let up until you’ve converted your entire campus to liberty!

How do you make this happen?  Below are some tips to successfully plan and execute your chapter’s recruitment drive.

The Effective Recruitment Strategy

What follows is a strategy to bring in large numbers of permanent new members at the beginning of each new semester, especially in the fall.

To increase this strategy’s effectiveness, plan your efforts to coincide with your school’s student activities fair.  If your school already hosted its activities fair, don’t give up!

Follow the advice in the subsequent sections to recruit new members year-round and prepare for next fall’s student activities fair.

As you innovate creative ways to improve recruitment efforts, YAL will share your ideas and methods throughout our network (so make sure you share your experiences on YAL’s national blog).  YAL is a grassroots organization, so while we exist to provide chapters with helpful resources, you know what will work best on your campus — and perhaps other campuses as well.

There are four parts to the effective recruitment strategy:

  1. Preparation: Have a Plan! — develop a plan and assign responsibilities for your recruitment drive
  2. Execution: Grab Attention for Your Table — attract potential recruits to your table
  3. Execution: Connect with Recruits at Your Table — engage people at your table and get them to your next meeting
  4. Execution:  The Informational Meeting — host an informational meeting to discuss your philosophy and future activities
More on these four steps in Part 2 next week.
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