Chapter-Building Strategy: Recruiting Leaders

Recruit Your First Group of Leaders

In order to earn official recognition from YAL National, your chapter must recruit at least three dues-paying YAL members.

Whether you began the chapter formation process with a group of other like-minded people or not, you should always look for other leaders (students who share your passion to see a liberty-oriented group of students organized to impact your campus and local community are invaluable).

Look for Members in Existing Campus Groups

After petitioning the people you know on a personal level, explore other groups of people whose members might be interested in the creation of a YAL chapter.  Potential recruits might be found in college libertarian groups, College Republicans, and other politically focused organizations.

Ask Your Faculty Advisor

If you have already found a liberty-minded advisor, he or she may be aware of other students who share similar political ideas.  Ask him or her to connect you with these students.

Utilize Facebook

At the same time, begin a Facebook group to provide an initial platform to organize the first recruits (more on Facebook in Chapter 4).  Invite all of your friends to join — you never who might show interest in your YAL chapter.  Also, ask each new recruit to invite their friends.

People regularly seek out local liberty groups on Facebook.  A vibrant presence online will help funnel new recruits to your chapter.

Post Flyers

Post flyers throughout your campus to announce the startup of your new YAL chapter.  Organize a meeting for interested people to meet and discuss your intent to form a chapter.  Include the meeting date, time, and location on the flyer.  Again, include the meeting date, time, and location on the flyer.

This does not have to be a formal information session.  Rather, you should organize an informal meeting to generate ideas before launching.

Post flyers in high-traffic areas around campus, and target major university bulletin boards and dorm bulletin boards (respect your school’s rules regarding public advertisements).  As stated previously, the early leadership will steer the course of the chapter and give the chapter its character.  Make sure to separate the most serious members early on.  Encourage them to take on leadership and officer roles.

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