Chapter House Cleaning: Or How I Spent My Fall Semester

So you’re home enjoying your winter break, your family, and you might be wondering what you can do for your YAL chapter.  Well, if you are not, you certainly should be!

Why not write your own report of how your chapter did?

This year our University of Kansas chapter created a Club Historian position in order to document our activities and successes.  I recently put together a Power Point presentation for our final meeting to remind everyone just how much we were able to accomplish for liberty this Fall.

Some key reasons why you want to write a semester report:

  • Record the legacy your chapter is creating for current and future members.
  • A great excuse to bring together all media, images, and articles related to the hard work of your group (you can link to these in your materials).
  • Create a presentation that you can share with donors and supporters (local and national) to show why your chapter is worth sponsoring.
  • Inspire others to action!

You might want to consider doing this with a blog, a form letter to chapter members and allies, a power point presentation, or a scrap book that can be maintained by current and incoming leadership.

However you want to do it, just do it!  You will be thankful that you did.  Also think about having someone keep a record of your club activities when you return this Spring.

Check out the KU Fall Report presentation attached as an example.

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