Charity Wins in Kent Campus Food Drive

One week ago, YAL Kent State partnered with TPUSA Kent State to issue a friendly Twitter challenge to the two socialist clubs on campus: compete in the coming weeks campus wide canned food drive. When we issued the challenge, we had the honest intention of “reaching across the aisle,” shaking hands with the “enemy”, and putting aside out differences to do something good for the community. I hoped that the competition would help heal some of the divides in our contentious campus political climate. Oh how wrong I was.

The socialist groups responded by calling all the blanket “-isms” it could muster, and stated that it would violate their principles to work with the likes of us.  I was shocked and disappointed, I thought simple good will and charity towards are community was a simple concept that should unite all people, regardless of political allegiance. Fortunately, the ensuing Twitter battle caught some media attention. Soon after, I was contacted by Fox News. Soon, we were featured on the Fox News website, the Washington Examiner, and The Blaze.

The attention caused a small flood of donations to pour in for our canned food drive. I am proud to say that we raised more than every individual college and club on campus, with a total value of about $350 in goods.

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