Cheney Confesses to War Crime, Now What?

During his interview with ABC last week, Dick Cheney made some interesting comments and confessions. When asked about the interrogation methods used against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, which involved waterboarding, Cheney admitted to knowing about them, supporting them, and, “helping to get the process cleared.” The United States is very familiar with waterboarding, and has treated it as a war crime historically. So what now is going to happen to Cheney? Under the Anti-Torture Statute of the United States , Cheney has admitted to a felony and should very well be indicted.

Michael Ratner, the president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, believes Cheney is actually snooping for a presidential pardon. Go here to listen to his interview with the Real News. He believes Cheney could be afraid of getting prosecuted for his atrocious acts, and feels he would get along better with a pardon under his hat. Therefore, his admission was an act to put the pressure on Bush to pardon his vice president during his last days in office.

Will there be enough outrage to provoke somebody to prosecute our leaders when they break the law? I don’t believe Obama will have the guts to do it. He has been more than sketchy in matters dealing with political retribution. Perhaps he would be happy to have a spineless judicial system when he takes office and decides to break the law himself.

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