ChipIn to make Dr. Paul and 4/20 happen!

As I previously posted on the YAL blog, Dr. Ron Paul is coming to speak at Wake Forest University on April 20th, 2009. The event is hosted by Wake Forest Young Americans for Liberty and it will mark the first time that a YAL chapter will have hosted Ron Paul on a college campus!

Unfortunately, the Wake Forest YAL chapter is not receiving any funding from the University to host the event. Of course, Wake YAL has already ran a successful direct mail solicitation campaign and received a couple good donors to cover the majority of the event’s costs, but they are still a little short. The chapter needs to gather some more funds in order to cover materials for the event (e.g., pocket constitutions, programs, event fliers, and a few smaller costs).

As said, this will be the first time Dr. Paul will speak at an event sponsored by a YAL chapter, so we need to make this event have as large an impact as possible. If you could find it in your hearts (totally meant in a bleeding-heart sort of way) to donate to the cause, it would be greatly appreciated.

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