Choose Charity and the future of UA YAL

This month our YAL chapter here at the University of Albany participated in Choose Charity with many other YAL chapters nationwide!  For our event, we decided on a month-long clothing drive and fundraiser.  In the beginning of November, my Treasurer, Megan Suthlmuller, and I went shopping for boxes to decorate as collection bins for clothing on campus.  With the boxes acquired and decorated and permission granted by each quad, my group flyered for our event to make sure students were aware of it.

UA YAL celebrating choose charity success!

Alongside our clothing drive, UA YAL also tabled very successfully for 3 different charities: The American Red Cross, The American Cancer Society, and the March of Dimes.  During our tabling, we managed to raise $182.38 total for the 3 organizations.  Our tabling efforts truly highlighted the “choose” part of our Choose Charity initiative as individuals were given the choice as to who to support.

Look at the clothing!

In other UA YAL news, our group finally published online our first issue of our soon to be distributed YAL newspaper, The Liberty Standard, in early November.  The December issue is currently out now and will be uploaded to our website in .pdf format asap.  The November issue we simply uploaded online, while with our December issue, my Vice President Jacob Sherretts came up with a preliminary design for it to get an idea of what we’re going to print in February when we return from break.  We are in the process of securing funding for it from the Leadership Institute and met with LI employee Josiah Ryan who seemed excited to see the project get off the ground.  The December issue is attached if you would like to read it!

We had our final meeting of the semester this past Wednesday and discussed of a special election fill the role of Recruitment Chair when we return and events for the Spring.

So far UA YAL has 25 official members and about 5 others that have not signed up but are very active.  We have a lot of work ahead to us, but I can’t wait to get going in February!

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