Choose Charity at Temple University

Here at Temple, we were more than happy to help out with a local charity for our very first national event, being a new chapter. We decided to pair up with a local homeless shelter that also serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner all year around in central Philadelphia. They are known as the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission. We decided to plan two events: one to collect donations on campus and another volunteering at the kitchen. 

Charity Table

We set up in the Student Center on campus and handed out free material asking students to please donate any amount they could. As hard as collecting donations is, we did not make out too bad. We had several bags of food and a check of $85, due to the generosity of several members. We also managed to get a few new sign-ups!

Volunteer with tray

Above, Mitchell displays the food that we were bringing out to the hungry of Philadelphia.

We served upwards of 150 hungry stomachs. Everyone was so nice and patient as they waited to eat. The staff was ecstatic that we were giving our free time to help out. Overall we were extremely happy with how our Choose Charity event went. We raised a decent sum of money and were able to help the struggling and show them that life isn’t so bad—that people can care for each other. Above all we proved that private charity prevails over government dependence, since the government was letting these people go hungry!

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