Choose Charity at the University of New Orleans

Bake Sale

As the semester came to a close our chapter decided to go out with a bang. We decided to take part in the Choose Charity drive and give it our own flare. Instead of a plain old coat or food drive we conducted a charity drive which was fueled by activism. 

In order to fund our drive we held a bake sale, but not any ordinary bake sale. We held a National Debt Bake Sale with all proceeds going toward coats and blankets for those who are less fortunate. We based prices on age with the younger paying more than the older. We emphasized how the young must pay the debt that is being accrued by their elders. We had much success with this event! We spread the message of liberty and raised money for a great cause!


We also received great feedback from our student body! Even some who were initially offended by the premise of our pricing scheme went away feeling friendly toward YAL, even if they weren’t necessarily persuaded by our arguments.

Young pay more

Girl who thought we were racist


In addition to this bake sale, we strategically placed boxes around campus to allow for anonymous donations and maximize our collection efforts. As expected, the UNO community did not fail to impress as we collected many items to give to the less fortunate. With what the proceeds from the bake sale bought and the donations we received we were able to donate over 100 items to the New Orleans Mission which serves the homeless population of the City of New Orleans.

Donation Bin

Donation Bin 2

The University of New Orleans chapter of Young Americans for Liberty would like to thank all of those who took part in this drive and all of those who donated to our cause. A special shout out to Isaiah Cohen and the Leadership Institute for the footage and helping with the Bake Sale. We hope we showed that voluntary charity is always better and much more rewarding. The choice of charity should come from one’s self not from the coercion of anyone or any government.

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