Choose Charity at the University of Utah

YAL at the University of Utah had a great experience with Choose Charity this fall. As a team, we decided to bring Thanksgiving dinner to a family that wouldn’t otherwise have it this year.

Working with local non-profit Good in the Hood, we identified a family in need. Our group members tabled for donations, and with the generous help of the University of Utah student body, we raised enough for a real feast. Vice President Joel Gardner and President Claire Sorensen purchased the food and delivered it to the family the day before Thanksgiving. As their cute daughter Georgette said, “We’re gonna have a good dinner tonight!”

Choose Charity Family

Georgette, her mother, and Joel. (Father and sons opted not to appear in the photo.)

This effort was followed up by a blood drive, in which we petitioned our friends to donate with us and help alleviate the blood shortages typically experienced at this time of year. Half of the participants were not even members of YAL!

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