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Bake Sale

At UCLA, we are all very disappointed that our country has been at war for over a decade with no end in sight. So, for our Choose Charity project, we decided to put the politics aside and help out those injured veterans coming back from the war zones. In the wake of our trillion dollar deficits and a terrible bureaucracy, we decided to help out where the government doesn’t with a private charity.

Wounded Warriors is an organization that helps in assisting injured service members with direct programs and various services. We did a bake sale where all our proceeds went to the Wounded Warrior Project. We all very excited about this event and so we shopped, baked, and stormed our school’s high traffic zone. We made eye catching signs and got people to buy our brownies. The best part about this project was that we got new members that had just joined us at our last meeting to bake the brownies and sell them. This created a good bond between all of us and got them excited about promoting liberty on campus. In total, we had six members help out in this event with three of them being new members to our organization. 

Bake Sale 2Bake Sale 2

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