Choose Charity Week at Capital University

One of the major pillars of a free society is charitable giving.  As advocates of individual liberty we must also show the community we are also advocates of individual responsibility.  Capital University’s YAL chapter engaged in a week of charitable events highlighting the great organizations operating in the central Ohio area.  

Can of Liberty

After coordinating with a number of non-profits we settled in on our targets and began tabling for each group.  We kicked off the week by hosting a food drive benefiting the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.  Through our efforts we were able to raise over 100 units of food for local communities in need.  The next day we were back in the student union holding the early voting session of the first ever Capital University Choose Charity Presidential Straw Poll.  
We asked students to donate money to the American Cancer Society in exchange for the ability to cast votes for the favorite presidential hopeful.  Our next event focused on the refugee community located within the greater Columbus area. Partnering with US Together we hosted the most successful clothing drive of the semester collecting nearly 200 articles of clothing to benefit recent arrivals to the United States. 
To finish the week out YAL put together a team of the annual Relay for Life event at Capital.  During the event we finished the Choose Charity Presidential Straw Poll. Throughout the course of Relay for Life our group raised nearly $650 on behalf of the American Cancer Society. 

Protesting Cancer
The Choose Charity week allowed us to show the campus community the positives of voluntary exchange and allowed us to host a well-attended meeting discussing some of the more serious issues we were seeking to address, such as the refugee crisis, and how communities can be helped without government involvement. Choose Charity week has been a great success at Capital University and is something our chapter hopes to make into an annual tradition!
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