Choosing Charity in Bakersfield

Young Americans for Liberty @ CSU-Bakersfield decided to volunteer at a local food bank for our “Choose Charity” event!

The process of becoming a volunteer was quite simple. First, we contacted our school’s community engagement office for a list of local organizations that needed volunteers. We then contacted the Community Action Partnership of Kern Food Bank, which distributes donated goods to those in need throughout Kern County. Once most everyone agreed on a date we could donate our time, I contacted the volunteer coordinator and informed her we’d be on our way to help.  Below, are some pictures and commentary from our experience.

Helping hands

Here are members Clay Tiernes and Rogelio Caudillo breaking down boxes that contained donated goods from a recent food drive. 

Oranges Galore

Clay and I separating the good oranges from the bad. These oranges along with many of the other goods we separated from a recent food drive will be distributed to subsidiary food banks throughout Kern County.


This is a partial result of YAL’s and other volunteers from the community’s efforts after a long day of helping this food bank separate their donated goods. This is only a small portion of the warehouse that is used to distribute food around the county. 

Overall, we had a blast helping out our local food bank! We spent a total of two and half hours separating food and other items that will inevitably reach someone in need. The volunteer coordinator was very grateful to have us and said we were welcome back at anytime. 

There are plenty of charitable organizations in your local community that are in desperate need of volunteers. In other words, we should have no excuses for not holding a “Choose Charity” event. Your campus’ community engagement center or even a simple Google search are great tools for finding an organization that could use your help. Then, all it takes is a phone call and you will be on your way to holding a successful Choose Charity event!

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