Christmas in March: Free Markets 101

The Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Virginia seemed to experience Christmas in March. The Christmas season manifested itself in two ways: bad weather and an unexpected gift.

The bad weather was really unfortunate. Our Free Markets 101 follow-up meeting to our tabling was scheduled for March 6th. Dr. Christopher Preble from the Cato Institute was coming to speak at our meeting and we were ready for a great talk. In the lead up to the event, we tabled using our activism kit and flyered around grounds.

When March 6th arrived, Charlottesville was covered with nearly a foot of snow and the University and surrounding area lost power for more than 12 hours. Classes were cancelled and our speaker cancelled his visit. This ruined our follow-up meeting. Since the next week was Spring Break, there was no time to reschedule.

The “gift” we received to offset the bad weather and bad luck came in the form of a filibuster. That same night our meeting was scheduled, Rand Paul held his now famous 13 hour filibuster that became coined the “Filiblizzard.” Our hope is that Rand Paul’s messages will inspire more college students to become interested in the message of liberty!

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