Chuck Baldwin Looks Back on Dark Days

Since its founding, the American republic has been eroding away. Countless wars, financial meltdowns, terrorism, and an expanding government have taken their toll on our constitutional republic and the liberties we cherish. America’s past is littered with dark days that forever directed the course of liberty toward its destruction and further away from the principles on which these United States were founded.

The recent passing of the healthcare reform bill will assuredly take its place among those many unfortunate days where we may look back and say, “That’s where it really went wrong.”

In his recent article, former Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin reflects on a list of days in American history that he sees as “dates that destroyed America.” 

On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the health care bill into law, and as such, this date — along with March 21 — joins a list of dates that have each inflicted unconstitutional, socialistic, and sometimes even tyrannical action against the States United and have, therefore, contributed to the destruction of a free America.

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