CIA Doublecross?

Ahmed Wali Karzai was not a nice guy. Known as one of the big leaders in the Afgani opium trade, he obviously had some enemies. Combine that with his brother, Hamid Karzai, being the American puppet leader of Afghanistan, and no one should be surprise that he was assassinated. However, despite the awesome movie his life would make, there are now many questions arising from this assassination that I have a feeling are going to go unanwered.

 The first and primary question that should be on everyone’s mind is why was the CIA giving Wali Karzai money. In 2009, the New York Times reported that the CIA was paying Wali Karzai for intellegence and to help train paramilitary forces. All of this was happening when it was known that he is directly involved in the drug trade in the region. I don’t know about you, but if our nation’s laws prohibit the possession and trade of opium, I’m wondering why our tax dollars going to support one of the ring leaders.

The second question is simply a more specific “Why?” Why was he killed — and by one of his trusted and long time bodyguards in his own home no less? It is now coming out that the CIA was directly involved with this bodyguard and that the bodyguard had family in one of these CIA-run paramilitary groups. Is this CIA meddling or just a personal vendetta? An unamed “western analyst” is saying that the bodyguard had defected to the Taliban and carried out this assassination as part of their infiltration schemes, but they offer no real evidence of this other than a text message sent to NBC.

At the very least this shows how our foreign intervention can damage our national reputation. First we are paying a drug lord, then one of our trusted contacts defects to our enemies, and finally he murders said drug lord. How can we ever win the trust of people around the world if we can’t even determine who we support and who we don’t? Is this a classic case of a CIA doublecross or is it just regional strife? Sadly we’ll probably never know, but I know that simply by having us involved with these shadowy figures, it doesn’t reflect well on America.

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