CIA Sees Obama as a Key Tool in Continuing NATO War

Despite an MSM blackout and dissapointing recent gains for the war’s popularity, about half of Americans oppose the “good war” in Afghanistan. Though this certainly isn’t negligible opposition, overseas it’s a different story.

Most people in most NATO countries were antiwar from the start.  Pro-peace sentiment overseas, even in traditional US allies like the UK,  continues to grow.  As the occupation drags on, and the supposed  “risk” of terrorism from withdrawl seems more abstract and less realistic, many people are concluding it’s simply not worth it.

Since government  everywhere and always depends on the consent of the governed, our charming CIA is trying to figure out ways to “manipulate public opinion in these foreign countries.” The full leaked CIA document, reported on by Glenn Greenwald in his Salon column, just gets creepier. Writes Greenwald:

The Report seeks to provide a back-up plan for “counting on apathy,” and provides ways that the U.S. Government can manipulate public opinion in these foreign countries.  It explains that French sympathy for Afghan refugees means that exploiting Afghan women as pro-war messengers would be effective, while Germans would be more vulnerable to a fear-mongering campaign (failure in Afghanistan means the Terrorists will get you).  The Report highlights the unique ability of Barack Obama to sell war to European populations.

It’s both interesting and revealing that the CIA sees Obama as a valuable asset in putting a pretty face on our wars in the eyes of foreign populations.

Interesting indeed. Obama is the War Party’s pipedream. Not only has he managed to largely silence the supposedly antiwar American left, but his international popularity makes him far more capable of stymying foreign peace movements than John McCain would have been.

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