Cited For Freedom at Southern Adventist University

Last week, “Officer McCreeper” was handing out citations left and right to the poor, innocent students at Southern Adventist University.

Officer McCreeper

Maybe it’s because it was Constitution Day, and he was trying to keep those rascally kids in line, or maybe it’s because his quota was coming due soon. Either way, it was a good thing the students from the school’s YAL chapter were educating others about what their rights were, making sure that McCreeper wasn’t stepping out of bounds!

Constitutional Education Board

The young members of our YAL chapter made sure that those given a citation knew they could come to our next meeting to clear it with the “courts.” The bonus being they would get to learn even more about what their rights are and how to properly make sure other officers aren’t abusing their powers or any rights.

That ‘court date’ for their citations should be a fun event, and I and our other officers can’t wait to talk about the serious issue of cops abusing our rights. Hopefully attendees are going to learn a thing or two.

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