Citizens Ticketed for Parking in Their Driveways

Residents of Toledo, Ohio are being ticketed for parking on any unpaved surface, regardless of whether or not that surface is on their private property:

It is illegal in Toledo to park on gravel or anything unpaved, even if it’s in front of your own home. Mayor Carty Finkbeiner says if you break a law, you get a ticket.

Charles Robertson breaks the law every single day — according to the city. Robertson told us, “I just can’t reach into my magic box of tricks and get 5 or 6 grand to pave my driveway.”

Thursday he got caught. Charles found a $25 ticket on the windshield of his truck parked in his own driveway…

The mayor defended [the police officer’s] decision, saying “She wouldn’t have written tickets unless she thought she would be vindicated in writing it.”

A city Councilman and other members of the community are up in arms against this flagrant abuse of private property rights, but so far the mayor has refused to back down despite allegations that the tickets are an attempt to make up for wasted city funds.

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