Citrus College: Deep Web Recruitment Drive

Citrus College is back at it again! On September 22, Adriana and Andrew tabled in the campus quad where there is almost always high-traffic of students going to and from classes. Using the recruitment kit that was provided by YAL, they were able to hook in several students who were interested by the idea of the Deep Web and the correlation that it has with personal privacy.

Since the Citrus College chapter is still pushing to become officially recognized by their school, their access to the school’s resources that were necessary for the screening on the following Tuesday, the 27, were unavailable. However, this didn’t slow down this committed, little chapter. Within the next 2 weeks, the president and vice-president recruited several dues-paying members who are both excited about and committed to the spread of liberty on campus!*


This was largely made possible due to YAL’s financial and training assistance, and the chapter has even jumped through many of the hurdles in the way of their being officially recognized. The president’s estimated timeline for recognition is no later than Monday, October 31. As soon as this happens, he predicts that their chapter will skyrocket to success! Fall 2016 is definitely an exciting semester at this beautiful community college!


*To see the addition of several new members to the chapter, check out their YAL webpage:

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