Citrus College Recruitment Drive

On Tuesday, August 23, YAL’s chapter at Citrus College came to school with all their tabling supplies! The President and Vice-President, Andrew and Adriana, teamed up with LI’s Gabriel Nadales and even tabled next to College Republicans and Turning Point so that students who were walking by would get a heavy dose of freedom.  Each one of these groups experienced great success that day and got countless students to sign up and take an interest. 

This is not the first time that YAL has been at Citrus College. Just a couple years ago, a chapter had been started and had a measurable degree of success. However, as more of the students transferred out to a four-year university, the chapter soon found itself inactive and altogether dead.

Suddenly, a light started shining off in the distance! In an instant, the entire school was liberated as YAL found a home once again among Citrus’ students. In only a couple hours, dozens of interested individuals signed up, expressing their interest in the ideas of liberty, and the torch was shining once again.

As President at Citrus College’s YAL chapter, I intend to establish a base of members that is so firm and organized that the darkness of deactivation and inactivity are never given the chance to return. Last Tuesday’s sign-ups were such an encouragement since it clearly shows that there are still many students and faculty who do in fact love liberty, and are willing to take part in our spread of its ideas. Our recruitment drive was a success, and I’m extremely excited to perform even more activism events.

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