Civil Liberties Graveyard Success at UMD College Park!

“I know what you guys were just talking about. You were discussing how cool our display up here is. Let’s talk about it.”

In the midst of an election between two authoritarians, the future of Liberty in America seems to be in flux. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t seem to understand how bad things are already. So we set out to create a graveyard of civil liberties in memory of those freedoms which are either dead or dying. 

Fortunately, although most students who passed by were not familiar with the specific freedoms (such as Habeus Corpus), most took a genuine interest in the Constitution (much more so than our Federal Government).

Overall, the event was successful, garnering roughly 80 sign-ups. Hopefully as we raise awareness of the ongoing and systematic assault on our liberties, we may convince the public to support public officials who pledge to reduce the size/scope of government.

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