Clarion University Spring Recruitment: Phase One

Our first table!

The first phase of our growth and recruitment came to fruition on Tuesday, February 18, as we held our first official meeting as a recognized organization on the campus of Clarion University!

I admit, this has been a slow start for us —  we are calling this “Phase 1” as we are printing flyers and, as the weather gets nicer here in Clarion, really ramping up our recruitment efforts. It’s getting much easier since we’ve had our feet wet.

Originally, we started out with three ardent liberty advocates: myself and two close friends. We now have eight active members through YAL National, and while tabling the last few weeks, on top of talking to innumerable students, we collected the signatures and information of nine students who seemed genuinely interested in our chapter, and we have followed up with them and are maintaining contact. The biggest struggle is getting students to actually come out to the meeting. We will be posting another blog soon to keep you all updated on our recruitment efforts!

P.S. We are really excited for the state convention!

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