Clarion YAL Hosts Dr. Antony Davies

On April 22, the newly-started Clarion Chapter of YAL hosted Dr. Antony Davies, an Associate Professor of Economics at Duquesne University, as a part of this spring’s “War on YOUth” drive, to speak on D.C.’s growing fiscal problems. Dr. Davies gave a 45-minute, interactive lecture on the Federal debt, deficit, tax policies and fiscal instability, which was then followed by a brief Q&A session. We had about 100 people attend!

Throughout the lecture, and especially the Q&A, Dr. Davies interacted with the audience by asking specific questions, utilizing an Excel spreadsheet by which audience members could see the fruits of their own tax policies realized, and by answering some questions that the audience fielded both during and after the lecture.

Dr. Davies on Stage


In order to draw a sizable crowd for such an event, one must utilize the flyer! With the aid of our regional director, Brandon Cestrone, YAL developed a flyer that we plastered all around campus — and even throughout a few stores on Main Street. In addition to our flyers, we distributed some 800 handbills to all passers-by while tabling. 


Due to a local connection, our Chapter was able to get an ad in a few of the local papers — free of charge. After the event, one attendee mentioned that he had driven from “a ways” out of town, and only knew of the event because of an ad he saw in his paper — it worked! 

Event Ad


Our chapter membership is still quite low in number, and as we’ve been approaching finals, many of our members have been busy. Tabling was relegated to a few of our members, as well as our good friend Carmela Martinez of the Leadership Institute who drove up from D.C. to aid us in our recruitment and attend the event — we are grateful! 

On a few of our tabling days, we headed outside as the weather began to warm up. The day when we decided to set up our debt banner, Price Plunge poster, and other materials proved to be a bit too windy for our plans. We had our “Debt Banner” up for only a few minutes until the breeze was blowing it, and all of our other books/papers, across the ground. While we did have it up, we drew quite a few looks from the students walking by. We hope to utilize these materials in the months to come.

Dylan Tabling

Stephen, Conor, Dylan


Carmela and Dylan

Conor and Dylan

The Event

In holding the event, we had quite a few professors aid us in assigning Dr. Davies’ lecture as extra credit for their classes. The interest of these professors brought the event to more students’ attention than we could have reached on our own, and also provided them with extrinsic motivation for coming out. 

Our newspaper ads proved fruitful as there were a fair a number of faces within the audience that did not belong, solely, to students of Clarion University.

In terms of attendance, we estimate that we had around 100 students and community members attend, if not more. We didn’t have an official count, but a few of the professors commented at how nice of a turnout we had, especially for it being our first event on campus! 

We’d like to thank Dr. Davies for donating his time and wisdom to the cause of Liberty! He is an extremely kind, wise, and generous man. We’d also like to thank all of the cooperating professors, our YAL members who donated their time, YAL National for hosting the drive and providing the materials, as well as all who attended.

This event allowed us to recruit new members, raise awareness on campus, bring the members of our community together, as well as educate our peers about the challenges and issues we will face as our generation ages and progresses through the coming years.

Conor, Dr. Davies, Carmela, and Dylan

Dr. Davies' Lecture

Dylan Setting Up

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