Clemson University Free Speech Wall!

This year for our Constitution Week activism we focused on creating a giant Free Speech Wall and passing out pocket Constitutions to commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution.

Wall 7

Starting with the construction of our wall, we purchased four 40″x60″ white foam boards from Office Max and then secured them together using duct tape and a simple wood frame. We also made sure to get some extra large colorful Sharpie markers! 

Additionally, we advertised in high traffic areas all around campus using flyers in the days leading up to our event. 

We decided we were going to do 12 straight hours at our free speech wall starting at 7 AM. This was made possible because our members worked to coordinate their schedules in advance to ensure the wall would be covered at all times throughout the day.

We were able to get not only students, but also faculty and staff involved!

Wall 6

The overall reception we got from students was very positive and they showed their excitement through participation.

The wall filled up so quickly that it was difficult to find space to write on the wall in the early afternoon!

Our Free Speech Wall was a major success thanks to the dedicated efforts of our chapter’s members!

Wall 9

With over 200 U.S. Pocket Constitutions passed out, over 50 new sign-ups, and one giant Free Speech Wall completely filled, we called it a day and took our new First Amendment artwork home to be proudly displayed.  

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