Clemson weighs debt burden

Clemson University took action to raise awareness on campus about the growing national debt. Weekly meetings took place to help in the lead-up to the event to delegate tasks and discuss what was to be accomplished. Clemson YAL applied for and received materials to help execute the event. Once the materials were decided upon, they were purchased and we set out to work. It only took a couple of people and a couple of hours to transform the plywood into a “debt clock.”

Debt Clock

On November 10th, 2015, the debt clock was erected on Library Bridge, one of the busiest areas on campus. Due to the sheer size of the display it garnered many stares and did illicit some conversation. Most understood it immediately to be the national debt, while a few did not. If one measured success by the number of sign-ups received than this event was pretty good, with over 40 signatures.

It became apparent though during follow up that this issue is one that many on campus don’t care enough about.  Overall the event was a success and helped raise awareness on an important issue. 

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