Cleveland State chapter quizzes students on the Constitution

Yesterday, the Cleveland State chapter wanted to test our fellow students on their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution.


We had a 10-question quiz that asked questions such as what is in Article 1, what amendment prohibits unreasonable searches, etc. If students scored at least an 8 or better on the quiz, they were entered into a drawing for a $25 dollar gift card to the bookstore! A sample of the quiz can be found at this link.


Unfortunately, the test results weren’t very good. In total 24 students were willing to take the quiz to see how much they knew. Only three students scored an 8 or better, including these two:



Ten students thought the Constitution gave the president the right to declare war!!


This quiz reminded us just how much more work we have to educate our fellow students on their rights. We passed out over 50 pocket Constitutions in the hope that students will read them and become more informed.

Happy Constitution Day!

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