Cleveland State University Recruitment is Up, Up, Up!

Young Americans for Liberty at Cleveland State descended on the student center today with clipboards and literature to sign up over a dozen new members! Chapter members from Kent State travelled up to CSU to assist Cleveland’s chapter in signing up enough members to be recognized by the school. Taking advantage of the student centers high traffic at the center of campus and many lounge areas, we engaged with dozens of students about YAL’s mission on campus and discussed how they can get involved. I was surprised how many people were receptive to our message on campus. Many were interested in our principles of civil liberties and Constitutional rights and limited government. We even talked to the libertarian socialist that recently went viral arguing with Charlie Kirk at a campus speaking event! It was a lot of fun engaging with students about their rights on campus and how they can get involved to protect and advocate for them. For only spending 2 hours walking around the student center, we talked to tons of students and gathered tons of signups, our ratio of success was probably close to 75%. Being the end of the semester, I expected a lot more “too busy” or “not interested” responses, I was happy to be proven wrong!

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