Cleveland State YAL brings awareness with Incarceration Nation

The Cleveland State chapter had a successful event bringing awareness to students on the need for criminal justice reform. Students at first were hesitant to participate but after awhile they realized how important this issue is.


This isn’t a left or right issue but a right and wrong issue. 20 students agreed and participated in our event. We also passed out several know your rights cards to passing students along with the “Are You a Criminal?” quiz. It was good to see all ages come out and support fixing the system.



Girl signing



Several students were shocked when they heard how much time a guy got for possessing marijuana. They agreed that justice was not served. 



Group pic

We went to Home Depot to get the materials for the event. Due to the particular Depot that we went to they were only able to cut three PVC pipe for us. So we had to saw the rest by hand! But that didn’t stop us. Then we used silver spray paint on the pipes. 


All done


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