Cleveland State YAL Chapter Tables Economics

The YAL chapter at Cleveland State University recently did a tabling event during the Fall Recruitment drive. The event was for all student organizations on campus and our chapter did it’s part on September 10th in the Main Classroom.

We had a successful recruiting day. Got 20 new signups and really had fun engaging with students. We did a “rags or riches” activism event where we asked students to place 10 countries that they thought were the most to least economically free. Many of the students thought the United States was the most economically free but they then learned it was not.

We discussed with them how government intervention in the economy has a huge impact on the economy. We also mentioned how the U.S. government intervention within our economy has had a negative effect which in part has lead to more poverty and job losses. All and all it was great to bring awareness to students on why economic freedom is so important.


We still have many more plans for this semester, including our freedom of speech wall event on Sept 17th, which was recently featured in CSU’s student newspaper. Here’s to LIBERTY!!


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