Climate Chaos In Copenhagen

 Copama“You don’t have to use that kind of violence to be heard,” said Danish Minister Connie Hedegaard, condemning the violence that occured in Copenhagen.

Massive demonstrations in Copenhagen has lead to riot police arrest nearly 1,000 demonstrators. This demonstration was to mark the ” Day of Action.”

Many of the demonstators were seen throwing bottles and even smashing windows. Other incidents included cars set on fire. (WAIT! Cars set on fire? Now won’t that just hurt the environment?)

I don’t know how one can call many of these eco-radicals “peaceful.”

Some demonstators went as far as dressing as penguins and shouting slogans like “Change the politics, not the climate,” holding signs that read “Save the Humans.”

Good grief! If inflatable snowmen, giant penguins and burned cars can’t convince me to support  Climate Change, I don’t know what will.


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