Clipboarding at Monroe Community College

While I was unable to post this right away, I was at Monroe Community College  clipboarding to get my chapter started. Unfortunately, I only had about an hour and only got a few signatures. A little bit of a rough start but I’m sure that eventually we can get the chapter going next semester so that when I’m back at the college full time I can more actively be there to help grow my chapter.  Luckily for me my, now former, State Chair Brendan Noble and my Regional Director Daniel Taylor have been there to try to help me every step of the way, Brendan helping to give me the steps to found the chapter and Daniel giving every piece of advice he’s got to help me recruit and I can’t thank them enough and I especially have to thank Daniel for getting on my case to post this.  Hopefully those three can turn to thirty by next semester and that this chapter can #MakeLibertyWin.

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