Clipboarding at the Calhoun Science Center

Just across from the US Space and Rocket Center on the Huntsville campus of Calhoun Community College, YAL student activists and Daniel Patrick from the Leadership Institute held a clipboarding event. With the aim of netting the local YAL chapter some new recruits, Daniel donned his flag cape and sunny disposition as we greeted students with the message of liberty, and the promise of future meetings to add that message to their education.

With the shiny new Science center as a backdrop, we had some productive conversations as people signed up to learn more and participate in our political system. Unfortunately, campus police arrived and demanded that we leave, without explaining what policy we were violating. Despite Calhoun being a publicly funded Community College described as “state-supported” on their website (, the officer claimed that it was private property and we had to leave. We spoke with the supervisor on duty and ultimately complied with the officer’s request, but hope to schedule a meeting with the Dean to discuss this violation of our first amendment rights to freedom of speech in a public space.

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