Cloudy With A Chance Of Liberty at the University of California Davis

Today, the UC Davis YAL team ignited a Bring Them Home event at the MU Quad. State Chair, Shannon and Davis students spread awareness of American Troops abroad to fellow peers. The troops sent across the world have worked with full effort, but endlessly with no progress in sight. Many of these wars are unproductive, costly, and have been congressionally not approved. For these reasons, YAL is proud and passionate to help troops come back home.

We set a table with constitutions and fact sheets citing the staggering numbers of casualties and tax money as outcomes of needless wars. We then asked students for a little of their time to notify them of these facts and urged them to come to our meetings to further discuss a can drive. In order to assist troops as students, we plan to send as much aid as we can gather to them. We have made a lot of progress today and hope to continue to grow and thrive at UCD.

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