Club Recruitment At Providence Christian College

The Club Fair day, the Providence Christian College YAL chapter, hosted by the Free Speech and Debate Club was able to provide students with differing viewpoints in liberty means. The college hosts nearly 200 students, and the student turnout was larger than previous years, and many of the students that were interested in the club and YAL chapter attended most club meetings. The event and club were briefly written about in the school paper, which drew a bit more attention to the club.

We made use of the tools provided by YAL by engaging with students with questions such as, “What is liberty?” and “What does liberty look like to you?” and discussed political spectrum and how many of the students were relatively moderate with varying views to what their political party affiliates with.

Overall, the event was successful in raising awareness of liberty and engaging with students philosophical and political backgrounds, providing the opportunity of making the club and chapter more known.

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