Club Rush at LDSBC

We had another opportunity to showcase YAL at the local Club Rush. Lots of students showed and we were able to meet a lot of people. Students were much more willing to engage in some in depth conversation.  Nathan got to field questions on social contract while I got to educate about the broken window theory.

Nuances of seatbelts

 We had a lot of interest which is wonderful. We are beginning to ramp up our efforts in preparation for the state convention. There really is a growing movement in our school. There is a wide range of acceptance of libertarian principles. Students will ask my opinion on issues, often I get weird looks when I say that I don’t think there should even be a government. For many, these events are the first time they hear that idea from someone who doesn’t want the world to burn. Young American’s For Liberty provides the context for students to spread the cause of freedom, whatever their particular flavor.

YAL 4 Life

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