Club Rush @ El Camino College

Club Rush 1
YAL @ ECC President Raul Aguilar holds a discussion with another student during Club Rush, Feb. 27.

During the week of February 25-29, YAL @ El Camino College tabled alongside all the other campus clubs for Club Rush. With this being our first semester that our club is officially recognized by our college, participating in Club Rush was quite exciting.

We engaged with the Political Science Club as well as the Muslim Club, and were even invited to join in a political club meet-up with the Political Science Club and the Feminist Alliance. 

While other clubs lured students with donuts and candy, our mini-Constitutions and political quiz (from The Advocates for Self-Government) were more than enough to get genuinely interested students to stick around. A few students even came back throughout the week to have discussions and share information with us. By the end of the week, our mailing list had 32 new sign-ups.

Club Rush 2

Students play a game of charades during ICC’s Spring Club Mixer, March 1st. 

After Club Rush, all clubs were invited to socialize over food and games at the Inter-Club Council’s Club Mixer. The Club Mixer was a great way to interact with the other clubs. Everyone got to know each other by wearing name tags and teaming up during games of “Who am I?” and “Pass the Orange.” During these festivities, we invited the other clubs to join us at our next meeting where we’ll be planning our Generation of War event.

Club Rush 3 YAL @ ECC invited other clubs to join our next meeting to plan a Generation of War activism event.

With new recruits, friendly contact with the other clubs and school recognition, YAL @ El Camino College is off to a great start this Spring. We are looking forward to holding our Generation of War activism event as well as attending the YAL State Convention at CSU Fullerton.

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