CMU Recaps One Year of Activism at Kickoff Meeting

For Young Americans for Liberty at Central Michigan University, the road to becoming a flourishing student organization has been a turbulent one. Having started just a year ago as a University Libertarians group, Founding President Ty (me) and Vice President Sabryna struggled through our first Spring semester trying to get apathetic college students aware of why the philosophy of liberty is so imperative. Then, reforming as a Young Americans for Liberty chapter, CMU Liberty was able to make good use of what we had learned from our first semester and the new resources available to it through YAL National. CMU YAL’s Spring Kick-Off Meeting showcased just how far we had come in one short year!

Our recruitment efforts began with three days of aggressive tabling where we received 96 sign ups utilizing the YAL political quiz and chart to show students that most of them in fact do support liberty.

Tabling 1

Tabling 2

After following up with each of them, CMU began preparations for its kick-off meeting where Ty gave an introductory presentation on the philosophy of liberty and, to a larger extent, just how valuable membership with YAL is and can be.

Kick off 2

Kickoff Meeting

Our organization had 43 students in attendance, over four-hundred percent growth from just one year ago, and over 20 were first-time attendees. To give them all a better idea of what membership with YAL could offer them, I played a video made to compile the experiences and sentiments of returning members:

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