CMU Students Clean YAL Table of Constitutions

While the director of the academic honors program hosted a lecture on the Bill of Rights next door, the members of YAL at CMU were busy tabling away in the student center this past Friday.


While encouraging students to defend their civil rights and their Constitution, we gathered quality sign-ups for our chapter and ran out of pocket Constitutions to hand out!


Many of the students that visited our table were enthusiastic about taking a Constitution, claiming “It’s important to know our rights and responsibilities these days.” This table was a huge success for us, as it was our first table on campus in an extremely public place. Even students who hadn’t visited the table were curious as to how we did as we were packing up and leaving.

We intend to take this great momentum and carry it into our kickoff meeting within the coming week and turn enthusiastic sign-ups into mobilized and effective activists!


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