Co-Curricular Fair

Young Americans for Liberty at St. Olaf College is looking forward to another exciting year! During the tabling event at the Co-Curricular Fair, dedicated members of the chapter had many wonderful conversations with students.  In total, 40 students were added to the mailing list to receive more information.

A few tabling ideas that we love:

  1. Use all the resources given. The table was laden with books, posters, pins and pocket constitutions. Each item was given away and previously advertised as “FREE-dom Stuff”.  

  2. “Food for Thought”.  (An idea from another YAL Chapter!) Go online and gather up a bunch of liberty quotes, print them, cut them up into little strips, and place them in a small container. During our tabling event, we walked around asking students if they wanted some “food for thought” from a small bowl. If they thought the “food” was delicious, then we encouraged them to sign up for the mailing list.  “Food for Thought” is an easy way to connect with fair attendees, while passing out something provocative.

  3. Bigger is better.  We have a large, heavy weight banner that has the YAL logo and “St. Olaf College Young Americans for Liberty” printed on the front.  Professional banners tend to catch students’ attention, since many other student orgs have the hand-made paper posters.


Our Wednesday dinner meetings start this week! We are thrilled for another year of opportunities to connect with liberty enthusiasts at St. Olaf College.

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