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The liberty message was alive and well on the University of Kansas’s campus as Young Americans for Liberty students gathered on one of the dreariest days of the season to advocate for our 4th Amendment rights.

TSA Protest

Despite temperatures remaining around 51 degrees through the late morning and early afternoon under cloudy skies, there was no lack of students willing to be informed about the extremely invasive procedures of the TSA in our nation’s airports. As an organization we handed out plenty of YAL sponsored materials including dozens of constitutions, magazines and little knick-knacks to attract people to our table.


We were first greeted by two news reporters before we had even begun setting up! The campus newspaper in addition to the on-campus television station had a great time interviewing fellow students and members of our group. Here is a clip of Tabitha Marcotte, Vice-President and me in a clip by KUJH. 

Can I see more?

Implementing strategies from Leadership Institute and Young Americans for Liberty seminars, we eliminated any possible space behind the table so that we can interact with fellow passerbys with a variety of different fliers informing pedestrians about the ridiculousness of the Transportation Security Administration and how our very own civil liberties are being threatened.


We had quite a variety of responses, and many people even told our members that they had never before thought about the infringements on our rights. By outlining the 4th Amendment of our Constitution, and offering metal detector scans to students, it didn’t take long for people to start questioning the effectiveness of the TSA in keeping us safe.

Member, David Conway interacting with students

A display poster outlined a few prominent articles from various news sources about the big government coming in and keeping you safe by taking away your rights. My favorite article is the one about the threatening radiation being emitted by the full body scanners – especially for pilots who must often subject themselves to the harmful elements.

TSA Protest. VP Tabitha Marcotte in the background

Our group members heard horror story after horror story about the dehumanization occurring in our airports. We even experienced random people coming up and telling us their story about how they have experienced airport security ramping up tactics in the coming years. It’s time we recognize how an expansive government is not the answer to our safety and security, and how the reactionary policy response to 9/11 by taking away our rights is not the answer to truly ensuring safety and security.

Integrating the Audience

Handing out Fliers

Anti-TSA Display Board

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