Collectivism in Media

The shameless attempts by the media to pin Saturday’s shooting in Arizona on a single politician or commentator are downright Orwellian. Though this author is no apologist for all things Republican, calling out the absurdity churned out by our 24/7 sensationalist news is sometimes necessary. Though the cast of characters varies, the constant attempts to immediately blame random acts of violence on some third party to score cheap political points is inexcusable.

It magnifies the collectivist mind set dominating modern society, where the actions of a deranged individual can never be labeled as such. It is assumed they must have been the fault of someone else; personal accountability is replaced with the mentality of groupthink. Efforts to tie the shooting to Mrs. Palin or the Tea Party, aside from being beyond a stretch, show the blame game Americans are becoming experts at playing. Never mind that most in the Tea Party reject any act of violence not undertaken in self-defense; these are inconvenient facts that must take a back seat to the statist agenda.

Even worse, unspeakable tragedies are compounded when the grief and shock they cause is taken advantage of by cynical politicians. This takes the form of everything from greater restrictions on gun ownership to personal liberty violations. We have witnessed numerous events, like 9/11, which so traumatized the national psyche that we became accepting of governmental measures unthinkable beforehand. When government becomes involved, the responses devolve into gross overreach, a principle holding true in domestic or overseas policy. Unfortunately, most of our media is right there cheering on these restrictions, insinuating we are in constant need of guidance from distant social planners.

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