College Newspaper Indicative of Nanny State

Seeing the world through libertarian eyes, I get most frustrated when I see people totally acceptive of the idea that government is our personal savior. During the Fall semester, after the House rejected the first bailout bill, my school newspaper printed an article in retaliation. In the section where the editorial staff provides their opinion on current issues, entitled “Our Views,” I got to read of their objection to the government’s failure of leadership.

Our aggravation over Congress’s inability to lead is exacerbated by the fact that the failure came from the House of Representatives, the very house of Congress that is suppose to be closer to the people and be more concerned for the people.

Evidently, the House’s initial rejection of the bailout was a failure. So, because Representatives were too scared to vote for the bailout because their constituents had for once ratcheted up the pressure, our government failed to do its job? This is just one example of the distorted view that has spread due to our government’s ever-increasing nanny-like government philosophy. The fact that college students are so dependent on government action for security is a frightening one. Go here to read the full article to find out what YAL is up against on college campuses.

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