College of Charleston Students Exercising Free Speech

The day after Young Americans for Liberty of the College of Charleston featured Deep Web, they hosted another activism event focusing on free speech in order to engage students in learning more about their First Amendment and exercising that right by write whatever they want on a gigantic beach ball.

This issue is important as anti-speech incidents have taken place at various academic institutions across the nation. For example, students at Emory University wanted to categorize a chalk message, “Trump,” as hate speech under their current speech codes! According to the First Amendment, people are free to say what they want, even if it is controversial.

While students write on the ball, Natalie Le – the Board Member of Young Americans for Liberty at College of Charleston – informed them of the current anti-speech codes that exist in College of Charleston’s Student Handbook and the need to reform them soon before anti-speech incidents take place on campus.

After they wrote on the free speech ball, students signed the petition, pledging to protect their free speech on campus, that will be presented to the Dean of Students at the College of Charleston to show that students do care about reforming the speech codes to make it more in line with the First Amendment of the Constitution.

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