College of Charleston YAL Semester Update

It has been a busy semester our chapter at the College of Charleston.  We started recruitment for the semester in January with the Cougar Carnival.  To participate in the theme of the event we had students play liberty pong which attracted some foot traffic for our table.  

Cougar Carnival

Our next event took place at the end of January for National School Choice Week.  We were given some fantastic resources through Students For Liberty to participate in the event to get people on campus talking about the benefits of school choice. 

School Choice Week

This event proved to be a huge success getting us over twenty signatures in the first hour of tabling.  We were able to have some fantastic discussions with fellow students about the merits of school choice.  Although some people were skeptical about the benefits, everyone left our table knowing a little more about school choice. These are only some of the photos that we were able to take at the event, the rest can be fond on our Facebook page.  

School Choice Week 3

Mid-February brought the International Students For Liberty Conference in Washington DC along with some unfavorable traveling conditions. Despite the weather we were able to bring five members from our chapter to the conference to hear from fantastic speakers and to network with fellow liberty lovers from around the world.


Shortly after the conference we teamed up with other student organizations at our school to host an event to raise awareness for the protests happening in Ukraine and Venezuela.  Although the event was during midterm week we were able to get a good number of students to come hear from our guest speaker who was from Venezuela and had family and friends still in the country.  


We made signs to show our support for the protesters in Venezuela who put their lives in danger to protest their government.  

Venezuela Ukraine

March brought the Young Americans for Liberty South Carolina State Convention in Columbia.  We were able to bring four members from our chapter to the event as well as a student from a nearby school who become involved with YAL after attending the Awareness for Ukraine and Venezuela event. This gave us the opportunity to learn effective ways to promote our group on campus as well as a chance to hear from speakers like Jeffrey Tucker and Jack Hunter.  

Two weeks later, four of our members went back to Columbia for the second Students For Liberty South Carolina Leadership Forum where we were given a chance to meet and brainstorm with other pro liberty leaders in the state. 

Leadership Forum

We received the War on Youth Kit shortly after returning from the Leadership Forum and were able to raise awareness on campus about the national debt. The large banner attracted many students to talk to us about the national debt and things that we can do to try to reduce it.  

War on Youth

Overall it has been a very productive and busy semester in Charleston and we are looking forward to continuing to spread liberty on campus in the Fall!  


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