College of Charleston’s Campus Debut of Deep Web Was a Success!

The Young Americans for Liberty at College of Charleston hosted a film screening of Deep Web and had a successful turnout due to Thomas Calabro’s marketing efforts to ensure students are made aware of this campus debut and to motivate them to attend.

The film unfolds the story of the “Silk Road” online market that was shut down upon the government’s arrest of Ross Ulbricht in 2013. His story encompasses several issues that include the drug war, internet, and government intervention.

The movie stirred a discussion among the members about these important issues and what that has to do with our own rights. Is it really the government’s business to know what we are doing on the internet? Why does the government continue to ruin people’s lives over the Drug War?

Students left the meeting knowing Ross Ulbricht’s story and learning more about their individual rights. They are inspired more than ever to protect their liberty and freedom and to promote the message of economic prosperity and personal responsibility on campus.

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