College of Southern Nevada: A Semester in Review

It has been an extremely intense semester for the College of Southern Nevada Young Americans for Liberty chapter. From tabling, to forming new connections with liberty activists at Nevada State College, to pushing an effort to lobby the student government into deregulating the clubs, to organizing a memorial for the victims of the recent terrorist attacks.  

Activities Fair Invasion with LI

We got off to great start, when Arizona State Chair and Leadership Institute Field Rep Crystal Kate organized a large recruitment drive within the first month of school at both UNLV and CSN. We invaded my school’s activities fair and hung the Gadsden Flag behind us as we stood bravely for Liberty.  

Shortly after, the Youth Leadership School came to Vegas. I personally gained so much from the YLS. Opportunities like this and like the Liberty Fund conference we would attend later in the semester, available to me due to my involvement with the liberty movement through Young Americans for Liberty, are a huge benefit. These opportunities, along with an absurd amount of other opportunities, highlight the importance if getting involved with YAL.

Tabling at UNLV

The Youth Leadership School got us really pumped up, and the rest of the semester would be one of Southern Nevada’s greatest moments in youth liberty activism. The YLS gave me the confidence and knowledge needed to take on my next ambitious project: Deregulating the clubs at my school. 

At College of Southern Nevada, starting and maintaining a student organization is a very tedious, and often logistically impossible task. Myself and the rest of the YAL @ CSN leadership began meeting with senators, convincing them of our goals, and showing up to their senate meeting to argue our case. We built a coalition with nearly a dozen other clubs, circulated a petition, and fought for a great cause.

We received strong opposition at first, but after a few weeks and a few compromises, every single student senator who originally opposed us was won over. The amendment, which is currently being pushed through the absurd bureaucratic process that is the CSN student government, is now on its way to ratification, with every foreseeable barrier defeated.  

Around the same time, through a campus invasion we carried out at Nevada State College, we made contact with students attempting to start an SSDP chapter. They faced tough opposition from their Student Government, but luckily the legal department of NSC knows what they are doing, and they ended up preventing the student government from denying recognition to the SSDP chapter. I have since recruited some of their leadership into the YAL network, and am working with them right now to start a YAL chapter at NSC.

Right after the recent terrorist shootings, our chapter organized a large chalk up the campus memorial for the victims. Dozens of students from multiple student organizations participated.  While YAL at CSN organized the event, it was International Student Organization at CSN that really deserves credit in terms of supplying more volunteers for this effort than everyone else combined.  A huge shout out to Christopher Jones, president of ISO, for supplying so many helping hands.  

Peace for Paris

We stand with all victims of terror.

Peace for Earth

Throughout the semester, we tabled dozens of times. We volunteered with Opportunity Village. We carried out a successful Incarceration Nation activism event, drove to Santa Monica for a Liberty Fund forum, hosted several socials, and made an absurd amount of friends and connections. All while competing with an extremely aggressive Students for Rand campaign lead at first by former State Chair Billy Grant and later by an entire team of top notch campaign reps(including Billy Grant), which made recruitment a very difficult task. 

Volunteering with Anime Club and Environmental Science Club at Opportunity Village!

Incarceration Nation Fall 2015

Liberty Fund with SFL in Los Angeles 2016!

Credit to all we have accomplished this semester goes to our executive board, our loyal members, and to several individuals outside our chapter who provided lots of help: State Chair and LI rep Crystal Kate, TPUSA rep Brandon Shubert, AFP rep Marcos Lopez, LPNevada Outreach Director Jason Weinman, State Chair Lesley Chan, to all the YAL members of UNLV who helped out, and of course to our Regional Director Nathan Fatal, who collectively made everything we have done possible.  

About to watch the statist Jeb Bush speak at the Libre Forum

Our table at Club Rush

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